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Gréoux les Bains, France, "Romantic Oasis of Verdon"


"This country is charming [...] I don't know of a place better than Gréoulx to cure boredom. Just as this blessed place cures rheumatism with the old remedies of waters older than the world [.. .] This country whose charms I want to list cures boredom with the remedies created by God for this purpose. The only remedies, in my opinion and I would like people to agree with me on this point from the outset."

This is how the famous Provençal writer Jean Giono (in " Provence ") describes Gréoux les Bains ...

Greoux les Bains, au coeur de la Provence, aux frontières du Luberon et du Verdon

- A little history...


Recognized since antiquity for its hot springs, the Romans then installed thermal baths there and named the locality Nymphis Grisélius (in reference to the nymphs, goddesses of nature and, more particularly, of the springs).
Its name further evolved overtime until being added the mention " les bains " in 1923, thus enhancing its long thermal past (dating from the 1st century BC.).


Typical Provencal village, Gréoux les Bains seduces with its Castle of the Templars and its medieval rampart, its shaded squares, its narrow and paved alleys interspersed with stairs, its arched passages, its washhouses and fountains, its chapels, its church, its houses with colorful facades ...

Greoux les Bains, son Chateau des Templiers
Greou les Bains : ses placettes ombragées
Greoux les Bains : ses ruelles étroites et pavées entrecoupées d’escaliers
Gréoux les Bains : ses maisons aux facades colorées
Gréoux les Bains : vieux village avec ses fontaines et on église

- A little geography ...


Located at an altitude of 368m, Greoux les Bains (04800) is at the crossroads of 4 departments (Alpes de Haute Provence, Bouches du Rhône, Var and Vaucluse) and 2 Regional Natural Parks ( Luberon and Verdon ).

It is bordered by the Verdon, it benefits from a dry and sunny microclimate (around 300 days of sunshine per year), which would make it " the purest sky in Europe " ...

The banks of the Verdon have been laid out as a health trail and you can walk or cycle along them in complete safety over several kilometres.

Gréoux les Bains : Pont du Verdon
Greoux les Bains : parcours santé au bord du Verdon

- A little shopping ...


- Weekly market every Thursday morning, " Saveurs " and " Artisans sans vitrine " markets on Wednesdays in season, night market on Fridays in summer ...
- Maison Durandeu : pastry, confectionery, chocolate factory, tea room more than a century old! The only one in the region to offer calissons…
- Couleurs Paysannes : (real) local producers' store where you will find a wide variety of products (fruits & vegetables, cold meats & meats, cheeses, breads & pastries, fruit juices, beers & wines *, honeys & jams, Provence herbs , olive oil, soaps & essential oils, sweets ...). Present in Manosque, Valensole, and Venelles.
- Santons Truffier-Douzon : rewarded by the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (EPV) label, this craftsman has been perpetuating the manufacture of santon for 200 years.

- Chateau Rousset : the only vineyard in Gréoux les Bains, it offers a full range of whites, reds and rosés*. It also produces olive oil.


(*) Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.


- Have a drink, eat, enjoy an ice cream...

- La Caverne : member of « Maitres Restaurateurs » and “ disciple of Escoffier », you will enjoy gourmet cuisine for a moderate price (it is prudent to book). Closed Monday and Tuesday and in January.

- La Marmite Provençale : traditional restaurant with a pleasant patio (also has a dining room). Closed Wednesday and Thursday.

- Le Jardin des Lilas : traditional restaurant with a small but very pleasant quiet terrace (also has a dining room). Closed Monday and Tuesday.

- Cafe Colombero : brasserie with generous cuisine and reasonable prices (opposite the casino). Closed Monday.
- La Terrasse des Maronniers : brasserie with a shaded terrace under the chestnut trees. Closed Monday and out of season (mid-November to mid-March).
- La Brasserie du Soleil : central, facing the Jet d’eau, it offers fish, meat, pasta and pizza. You can also just have a coffee… Closed on Wednesday.
- L'Ardoise : both a delicatessen and a wine bar, it is also possible to eat. Closed out of season (from mid-December to mid-February)
- Le Gelato : to eat on the go or enjoy an ice cream. Having no interior room (just a terrace), they are only open on sunny days. In front of the Tourist Office.
- Rotisserie du Jet d'Eau : takeaway sale (chicken, ham, paellas, fries, Asian dishes). Closed in the evening and out of season (December to March).
-“Doudou” Pizza Truck : present right in front of our house on Tuesday and Friday...

- Have to do…

Especially during the opening of thermal baths (March to December) many activities are offered:
- cultural (concerts, exhibitions, films, theatre, conferences, etc.)
- fun (games casino, bridge, nautical activities, fishing, etc.)
- discovery (guided tours, hiking and cycling, etc.)
- sports (climbing, canyoning, tree climbing, municipal tennis and swimming pool, fitness trail + fitness equipment on the banks of the Verdon…)
- Etoile Convention Center (cinema, concerts including the Gréoux Jazz Festival in September...)

Gréoux les Bains : une multitude de loisirs

DR OT Gréoux les Bains

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